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Tactile. They almost look like ceramics. By Doug Johnston.

That’s the sound that the dust jacket will make when you open it and unfold the accordion book, to reveal my very first onomatopeia story. Yes, the book is finished!!! Here is a sneak-peek at the design layout for said dust jacket, unfolded. Tomorrow, I get down and dirty with the Vandercook press and print […]

And here are the preparatory drawings that illustrate my first kids story. For those who speak french, it is a remix of the famous Lafontaine fable “La grenouille qui veux se faire aussi grosse que le boeuf“. For those who don’t, you’ll have to wait for the book. Come on, just a few more weeks!

To celebrate the coming together of my first experimental narrative for kids and to whet appetites, I give you here the very un-experimental intro. It is, and this perhaps in the spirit of experimentation, bilingual. It might even become tri-lingual as spaniards abound in Frisco and I feel they should enjoy it too. We’ll see. […]

I met a flying fish who walked on stilts, ‘Cause he liked in mid-air to do the splits. He said he wasn’t interested in joining the circus; “As I’m happier entertaining the local Fishes. Sure it’s hard in the mornings to tie my shoelaces, But the job has some perks that a gymnast embraces. I […]

Eyes closed Swinging On the branches within Perched You are there and I forget Where I am As the lullaby Caresses the inside Of my eyelids My finger Barely smaller Than your head. Your wings Wrapped around my heart.

us and i Although in body, the plural form Of I and another would be “us”, It somehow seems to be the norm, (The Romans one day spake it thus) In common speech to turn “us”es to “i” without any regard for fallaci. Note how your inner botanist surfaces When faced with talk of cacti […]

The Pessoa Witnesses spread their reach… 12-2010 Internet café, Kreuzberg, Berlin 11-2010 4Wheels skate shop & café, Nice 11-2010, bathroom of 4wheels skate shop & café, Nice 11-2010 on Easyjet flight Join the movement & check the spread on googlemaps

Bubble & Broccoli Bubble 1. Globule of one substance encased in another // 2. A parenthesis in a situation, an isolated moment. // 3. (computing) Delay in the pipeline. // 4. (comics) Speech bubble Broccoli 1. No one likes broccoli // 2. Slang for marijuana That’s a real problem. —Yes, I know. It’s very destructive. These things don’t only happen to other people […]

#7. Quiddity 1. Another term for the essence of an object, literally its “whatness”. It describes properties that a particular substance (e.g. a person) shares with others of its kind. The question “what (quid) is it?” asks for a general description by way of commonality. 2. In general use,  whatever makes something the type that […]