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I am kind of ok – kind of Which kind of ok am I? I forget To give and take the compliments. That’s ok To not feel guilty about moving on. That’s ok To dream about you from time to time. I forget who you are. I’m ok when I have to hold myself together […]

Gift I am not sure this is what you imagined When you got in touch years later to ask about This: Someone coming to my liberation. You wanted to know, Was it you? So maybe this is my way of saying you too or #Metoo Let’s not pretend – It was never otherwise I would […]

I can’t tell if being brave is calling the man whose presence makes me feel as if I’ve robbed a bank or if being brave is leaving him alone. I can’t tell if I want to see him to feel like this more or to feel like this less I am being selfish mostly it […]

Rhyming is pointless.
The words also, indifferent.

It’s summer 2002 in Oxford, I meet Christian Kjelstrup a good years before he published the world’s first Nose Atlas. Christian and I became great friends, sharing poetry, ideas and inspirations at the Rose and Crown, making it our Eagle and Child. He introduced me to one of my favourite poets- Fernando Pessoa, and subsequently founded the Pessoa’s […]