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I am kind of ok – kind of Which kind of ok am I? I forget To give and take the compliments. That’s ok To not feel guilty about moving on. That’s ok To dream about you from time to time. I forget who you are. I’m ok when I have to hold myself together […]

Gift I am not sure this is what you imagined When you got in touch years later to ask about This: Someone coming to my liberation. You wanted to know, Was it you? So maybe this is my way of saying you too or #Metoo Let’s not pretend – It was never otherwise I would […]

I can’t tell if being brave is calling the man whose presence makes me feel as if I’ve robbed a bank or if being brave is leaving him alone. I can’t tell if I want to see him to feel like this more or to feel like this less I am being selfish mostly it […]

In a few weeks, Winter Magazine comes out, and I’m in it.

Rhyming is pointless.
The words also, indifferent.

Tactile. They almost look like ceramics. By Doug Johnston.

You’re sure you left it right here, right where you’d never remember look.
And you know you’d never look back here, right?

I’ve been invited by the French gallery Le Salon to take part in an exhibition and have decided to involve visitors, making an interactive story on the themes proposed: Fetish, Totem, Taboo and Divan.

For my next project, I’m photographing sea shells. I don’t have a soft box, but came up with this really simple trick and it’s such an elegant (and cheap and handy) solution for small objects/macro that I have to share it: Just cut the bottom off a white plastic cup, and presto! You have a […]