Today I met a fish who walked on stilts

I met a flying fish who walked on stilts,
‘Cause he liked in mid-air to do the splits.
He said he wasn’t interested in joining the circus;
“As I’m happier entertaining the local Fishes.
Sure it’s hard in the mornings to tie my shoelaces,
But the job has some perks that a gymnast embraces.
I have a particular dance routine,
That some Ballet enthusiasts find obscene:
Two Chassés-Croisés then a Splits-in-Mid-Air,
Tip-toeing on waves, it’s quite debonnaire.”
He then excused himself with a bow and a curtsy,
As he’d been standing all day and his toes were quite hurtsy.


There once was a blowfish from Frisco,
Who claimed he’d just invented velcro
When three fishermen he met
Found him stuck to their net
And he sold them some shares quid pro quo.


I will be volunteering at 826 Valencia to work with kids as of next week.  I am told it was set up by a hoard of Pirates who beached in the Bay at the turn of the century and decided to turn their boat into a Pirate Supply Store and a publishing house.

I couldn’t resist sharing with you the drawings I bought from the shop. Unfortunately I don’t know who drew them but in the spirit of 826 it inspired me to write poems and limericks. And thanks to Nathan Marlowe for his input on the Stiltfish!

  1. these really brought out the child in me, really enjoyed them.


  2. The fish on stilts was drawn by Edward Lear.


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