Pessoa’s Witness

It’s summer 2002 in Oxford, I meet Christian Kjelstrup a good years before he published the world’s first Nose Atlas. Christian and I became great friends, sharing poetry, ideas and inspirations at the Rose and Crown, making it our Eagle and Child. He introduced me to one of my favourite poets- Fernando Pessoa, and subsequently founded the Pessoa’s Witnesses in Oslo.

To spread the word, Pessoa’s Witnesses knock from door to door and spontaneously read poetry to anyone who answers. One day, fumbling through an old pile of Berlin railway tickets that I never throw, I decided to branch out the Pessoa Witnesses into guerrilla action.

Inspired by format once again, I took out Pessoa’s Selected Poems (best translated by Jonathan Griffin btw), teamed up with my Olivetti and typed small fragments of poetry that I now randomly sow around me, in bars, in trains, to be found, read, collected…

Join the movement! Just scribble some of Pessoa’s poetry on a piece of paper and leave it in a public place, email me a photo and the location and I’ll post it here.

xBerg-4-12-2010_3xx12-2010 Internet café, Kreuzberg, Berlin

NICE_4WHEELS_24-11-10_1 11-2010 4Wheels skate shop & café, Nice

NICE_4WHEELS_24-11-1011-2010, bathroom of 4wheels skate shop & café, Nice

BERLIN-NICE_EASYJET_21_11_1011-2010 on Easyjet flight

11-2010 at Kamine & Wein, Berlin

11-2010 bathroom of Kamine & Wein, Berlin

11-2010 the first ticket on it’s way…

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