That old grenouille

To celebrate the coming together of my first experimental narrative for kids and to whet appetites, I give you here the very un-experimental intro. It is, and this perhaps in the spirit of experimentation, bilingual. It might even become tri-lingual as spaniards abound in Frisco and I feel they should enjoy it too. We’ll see. However, (and I hope you’ll be back to take my word for it) the rest is in an entirely different language that anyone will be able to understand.

La French intro:

Personnages :
Une Grenouille
Un Boeuf
Une Mouche qui Passe

Cette histoire, vieille comme les chaussettes et connue comme leurs trous, commence au bord d’un petit étang à Bouze-sur-Flaque. La scène s’ouvre en fin d’une scintillante matinée de printemps sur Une Grenouille qui se fait bronzer en toute oisiveté, se régalant de la compagnie d’Une Mouche Qui Passe avant rencontrer pour la première (et par malheur dernière) fois Un Boeuf…


La English intro:

A Frog
A Cow
A Tasty Passing Fly

The story I am about to tell you is as old as socks and as renown as their holes. It begins by the banks of a creek near Cowpat-on-sea, where on a sparkling spring morning A Frog is lazily sunbathing, enjoying the brief company of A Tasty Passing Fly before she meets A Cow the first (and alas, last!) time…