taking form

February was my sister’s birthday. I wanted to make something special for her and felt inspired by one of David Hick’s ceramic pieces, thinking it would make a beautiful necklace. As I translated his piece into small Fimo beads, I realised this didn’t represent my sister much, and set out to make another piece that would embody her spirit: bold yet sensitive, romantic yet modern, polished yet rough. I imagined it very clearly – and made it for her. The work sparked a desire to make the style of my drawings come to life in clay through a series of ceramic jewelry. The dialogue between the sculpting I’ve done and the drawing has installed itself in my atelier for the past month and as I go from one to the the other, they influence each other in the most satisfying way. It’s good timing, as I’ve just been asked to do an exhibition at Lot 10 Gallery in June and I know exactly what I’m going to show. Lots of work to do till then though!