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I did this project in 2008 whilst playing around with materials, as I discovered a black ink made up of various pigments that separates when the ink bleeds into the paper. I decided to play around and let the materials express themselves, and developed the inkscapes. They arranged themselves nicely into 2 series that can […]

#2. Dégringoler Chuter, descendre précipitamment. Dévaler avec entrain et insouciance. Tomber, Simplement, Sans arrières pensées, Librement, Dans des rêveries sans relâche, De la tête aux pieds, j’emprunte tous les sentiers, Mes pensées se cachent Ravies de t’épier. Tu sens la douceur De l’herbe d’été, Une peau qui dégage la chaleur D’un arbre fruitier. Entièrement éprise […]

#1 JERK A person with unlikable or obnoxious qualities and behavior, typically mean, self-centered or disagreeable, and often not very intelligent. He put his finger on the phone where the receiver would naturally hang up the line. If you dial it one more time I’ll hit you, he threatened. She obstinately rose to meet the […]

When I found this little notebook, it inspired me to carry it around everywhere and fill it with Haiku; a feeling, a moment, compressed into minimum words. The inverse funnel of restrictions. Mornings never last, And such is the joy they bring. Moist breath on warm skin. – To know the outcome And still wait for the […]

An illustration series based on rules and restrictions.