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In a few weeks, Winter Magazine comes out, and I’m in it.

You’re sure you left it right here, right where you’d never remember look.
And you know you’d never look back here, right?

I’ve been invited by the French gallery Le Salon to take part in an exhibition and have decided to involve visitors, making an interactive story on the themes proposed: Fetish, Totem, Taboo and Divan.

I’ve taken two weeks off to prepare for the exhibition and I’m pushing the last stretch. Four days left of full-time creativity and I’m loving it! I receive frequent, feline inspections for quality-control. The pencils smell fine, it seems.

February was my sister’s birthday. I wanted to make something special for her and felt inspired by one of David Hick’s ceramic pieces, thinking it would make a beautiful necklace. As I translated his piece into small Fimo beads, I realised this didn’t represent my sister much, and set out to make another piece that […]

I was under the influence of Lippstueck’s dreamy voice and jayrope’s random percussions  and sound loops when I drew the cover for Air Cushion Finish‘s latest release, lilli. ACF is best consumed live, if you can get your hands on a fresh set of this evasive duo. They have also teamed up with Gatis Silde on […]

Little preview of issue 2 of SQUISH in the works – theme is Russia. You’ll be able to make this cossack dancer come to life with your kids very soon! In the meantime, you might want to practice some leaping. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvnJS_zkaMY&feature=related]  

How can you tell a story through sounds? How can you make it fun and engaging to tell? How do you allow a reader some freedom without losing him? Click here to see the making of this letterpress-printed sound story…

Here is what we’ve done with the Yeti, send us photos of your crafts at info(a)flamingoknees.com To make a Yeti, print page 2 of SQUISH playbook, which you can view by clicking here. TIP: if you want your yeti to last longer, press the leaves in an old phonebook for a week before using them.