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Here is what we’ve done with the Yeti, send us photos of your crafts at info(a)flamingoknees.com To make a Yeti, print page 2 of SQUISH playbook, which you can view by clicking here. TIP: if you want your yeti to last longer, press the leaves in an old phonebook for a week before using them.

Ok, so I admit I love onomatopoeia. And it’s no surprise that I’ve chosen to go with “SQUISH” as the title for my next venture, a small crafts/activity booklet for kids. I’m having so much fun making it. I have been playing around with logo ideas today.    

I met a flying fish who walked on stilts, ‘Cause he liked in mid-air to do the splits. He said he wasn’t interested in joining the circus; “As I’m happier entertaining the local Fishes. Sure it’s hard in the mornings to tie my shoelaces, But the job has some perks that a gymnast embraces. I […]