Medium: ceramic installation

The Bones of Winter is a ceramic installation commissioned for the first edition of WINTER magazine that came out on the 20th March 2014. The series is accompanied by four texts, you can also see it here on their website.

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Photo 21-03-2014 12 20 06


The Atoms also need their season,

re-modelling an architecture of hollows;

The framework of things to come.


Winter is a story reconstructed.

It is you who sits still

waiting for some sap

For the atoms, it’s business as usual.


The roof of your cave

arches over the universe.

At night you bump your head on the ceiling

Will the days get longer soon?


The sun rises,

raking the landscape,

reaching for the trees,

“I’ll be back tomorrow”.

The ceiling draws in imperceptibly

a little more each time.


you re-arrange your memories like rune-stones.