Love Letters love letters are compositions which explore the relationship between text elements and meaning. I wrote stories, collected sentences and scribbled down overheard conversations. I asked my Facebook friends for their favourite words, used these arbitrarily as titles and supplied the various dictionary definitions as accompanying text. 

Materials: stories, collected sentences, overheard conversations, favourite words, dictionary definitions.


Love Letter #1. JERK.

A person with unlikable or obnoxious qualities and behaviour, typically mean, self-centered or disagreeable, and often not very intelligent.


Love Letter #2. Quiddity.

1. Another term for the essence of an object, literally its “whatness”. It describes properties that a particular substance (e.g. a person) shares with others of its kind. The question “what (quid) is it?” asks for a general description by way of commonality.
2. In general use,  whatever makes something the type that it is. A trifling point, a quibble, an eccentricity. The essential nature or quality of something that makes it different and distinct from other things and establishes its identity.


Love Letter #3. Booby trap

1. boob, breast. /// 2. an ignorant or foolish person. /// 3. “boob” an embarrassing mistake.

A trap is a device or tactic intended to catch an intruder or an enemy.

Booby trap
As the word implies, they often have some form of bait designed to lure the victim towards it, or the device can be triggered when the victim performs some type of everyday action e.g. picking something up or switching something on.booby-trap

Love Letter #4. Somnambulist.

A term used in hypnosis to indicate someone of high enough suggestibility to follow suggestions without the need for a formal trance.


Love Letter #5. Dégringoler

Chuter, descendre précipitamment. Dévaler avec entrain et insouciance.


Love Letter #6. Bubble & Broccoli

1. Globule of one substance encased in another //2. A parenthesis in a situation, an isolated moment. //3. (computing) Delay in the pipeline. // 4. (comics) Speech bubble

1. No one likes broccoli // 2. Slang for marijuana