Love Letters love letters #7. Quiddity

#7. Quiddity
1. Another term for the essence of an object, literally its “whatness”. It describes properties that a particular substance (e.g. a person) shares with others of its kind. The question “what (quid) is it?” asks for a general description by way of commonality.
2. In general use,  whatever makes something the type that it is. A trifling point, a quibble, an eccentricity. The essential nature or quality of something that makes it different and distinct from other things and establishes its identity.

Well, yeah you see, no one knows the brand here, Pony brand, and they were nice shoes, nice leather, Pony high-tops. So I went to the warehouse because they were having a sale, fifty-percent-off and seventy-percent-off shoes, good shoes, brands, and I needed running shoes because it’s important to run every day, I run every day, keeps my spirits up, I like running so I needed some new shoes, you know? So when I saw a pair reduced to thirty euros, I mean, for real they are a hundred-and-twenty euros so when I saw this, I thought so geil! Good quality brands you know! And I don’t know why they don’t know the Pony brand here, maybe they bring the leftover stock from America but I don’t care if it’s last season’s fashion, they’re nice shoes! I tried the running shoes on but they didn’t fit- They didn’t have my size and that doesn’t matter I bought one pair a half size too small and two pairs a size too big, that’s even better- because your feet swell when you run, did you know that? Really, this girl told me. You know the big sports store, up by the Gesundbrunnen behind the roundabout, you see the one? Yeah well I go there sometimes, even when there isn’t a sale and it’s maybe even better to go there then. The people who work are really nice and they know all these things about their job right, like about shoes and sports so it’s always good if you want to know these things. So I go there and look at the shoes and I talk to the girl because it’s too expensive without the sale but the people have really good training so you can ask lots of questions and know things. So I go there and try on a few pairs and I tell them what I’m looking for and that’s when the girl told me that when you run your feet swell, so it’s always better to have shoes a bit bigger for running. Right? Your feet can breathe. Then it’s comfortable. But you don’t want to walk in them. Then it’s not good. So if you want trainers just for everyday- I work in the bar I’m always buzzing around so I wear trainers in the day too– well then it’s better to have smaller ones. Or you get blisters. That’s what she told me. I wasn’t going to buy anything you know, but it’s ok- you go in there and they give you really good advice, and they don’t mind.

I love sales- good bargains- that’s better. That’s how it is here. At Saturn when they have these promotion weeks- you know Saturn?- Yeah, well when they have the promotion week they use the saying there, Geiz ist geil, ha ha! I like that! Geiz ist geil you know? Yeah, so cool. So the girl tells me when it rains the shoes need at least forty-eight hours to dry. And that it’s bad to run with wet shoes of course for the feet but also for the shoes- so really you should have more than one pair- I mean, if you run everyday– So that’s why it was perfect- You see?- I bought one pair a bit small because the leather will stretch for everyday- right- that’s what I think- even if they didn’t have my size- and two pairs a size bigger- it’s better to have two pairs and also to have them bigger so it’s perfect because I run everyday and when it rains I let them dry properly. So much better! And I bought them all for ninety euro! This is even less than just one pair at the sports shop! Supa deal! Geiz ist geil! Hah!- It’s like the Pony high-tops I bought at the rabatshop. No one knows the Pony brand, I don’t know why- but I know it’s a good brand, just look at the leather! They were reduced to 35 euros. I tried them on. And they were so cool! I bought 6 pairs. Yeah that seems like a lot right? I wear some for work you know. In the bar. They get used very quickly and when I see a pair I like I just get a few straight away because I don’t like shopping for shoes. I don’t know why I use up shoes so quickly. It must be in the bar you know running up and down the stairs and the hard floor in the cellar. I mean what you use when it’s just one pair I use three! Yeah! I didn’t buy six of the same though- you know- I bought two pairs of black leather high-tops a pair of red one, blue one and two pairs of low-tops. So I can keep wearing the ones I like. And so cheap! And no one here has heard of this brand! Though it’s a good brand you know, American, they probably ship the leftover stock from last season but I don’t mind.