Haiku moments

When I found this little notebook, it inspired me to carry it around everywhere and fill it with Haiku; a feeling, a moment, compressed into minimum words. The inverse funnel of restrictions.

Mornings never last,
And such is the joy they bring.
Moist breath on warm skin.

To know the outcome
And still wait for the result.
Let’s jump over it.
Un réveil forcé.
Accident vers le réel.
Formes dures et concrètes.
Shhh, hear the tide move.
As sure as silent retreat
It comes back again.
I am sitting here,
Small, on the surface of earth.
All can crush me.
The bus meanders,
Hot, noisy, and so diverse,
Meaningless like hairs.
De loin je t’admire,
A tes sens le monde est brume.
Seules tes pensées bougent.
Door closes, footsteps, a voice.
The green tube gives life.
You creep into me,
Through the back door of my mind.
Black shadow waiting.


Morning air rises
Sudden rush of thoughts flood in
Tightening the knot


Unknowing birds pierce
The air is full of questions
Gravity on pause


Copyright Maia Beyrouti. All rights reserved.
Do not copy or distribute without my prior consent, thank you.