I am not sure this is what you imagined
When you got in touch years later to ask about
Someone coming to my liberation.
You wanted to know,
Was it you?

So maybe this is my way of saying
you too
Let’s not pretend -
It was never otherwise

I would like to oblige
And give you something only you know the value of -
But like I said,
I am not sure this is what you imagined.

I am well past catharsis
Even though

This is not an act of kindness.

/// I fucked you in my dreams last night
Just before
He knocked on my door
And walked straight into my shower with all of his tattoos
And all I was was sorry


My heart so clearly

The strange woman came in to the shop -
It was the kind of place with a bell that jingled on the door _
She showed my mother how to make hummus
Of course if you knew my mother you’d get the joke -
We were all embarrassed but
pretended it was ok.
there was something to learn.

I have waited a long time for another woman to show my mother what to do.
God forbid it should be me.

Or maybe I am my mother in the dream
and she is the one who enters
to show me what to do.
I have waited a long time
To let my mother show me what to do.

I digress.
This was meant to be about you.

Do get in touch
with yourself

Do touch each other
with eyes open.

If you touch me
I’ll touch you back

If he touches you
I’ll touch him right back

Do not.
touch me.

Instead he shook me up -
At first I thought the pieces,
Anxious magnetic glass shards
springing back together
into a shattered lake
Painted by Braque
Painted by Braque

I am the sexiest thing alive
from a certain angle
Perhaps I’m inspired
to touch you like this;
never again.

I hope when he opens it what comes out
is pure light
At some point you’ll think to look underneath,
it was hidden under the box
the entire time.